About Us

  PFS360 is a fee-only financial planning and wealth management firm specializing in helping individuals families accumulate and preserve their wealth. We look at our client’s current financial situation from a 360º viewpoint and develop a comprehensive plan that defines future opportunities, risks, and methods to achieve goals. We do not receive sales commissions or push proprietary investment products on our clients. This allows us to build a wealth management solution for our clients that is unbiased and truly in line with what fits the unique needs of each of our client’s situations. Our strategic approach is for the long-term and we seek to build meaningful, close relationships with the people we serve.

The mission of PFS360 is to institute a proactive approach to wealth management that will aim to greatly increase the likelihood of long-term financial health for our clients. In the many years that our team members have been in practice in this industry, we have seen all too often that individuals, families, and businesses have left potential net worth on the table by going about their financial lives from a reactive viewpoint. This means that actions are taken after something has already happened and this is quite often too late to maximize potential. Our proactive 360º viewpoint allows us to work with you in an effort to control your specific situation by creating positive outcomes. 


Why are We Different

Every decision that is made has a cause and effect relationship. Decisions made without taking into account what the effect will be can cause a lack of synergy with goals. This is where proactivity comes into play. Our goal at PFS 360 is to work with our clients to create and control their financial road-map to ensure that they are indeed on the right path. The 360º viewpoint that our planning process encompasses is never approached from a one-size-fits-all mentality. We  realize the importance of analyzing complex areas, such as family relationships and dynamics, to zero in on what is truly important to our clients.

We are in tune with the fact that everyone has distinctive needs, goals, and dreams. We pride ourselves in taking these into account when helping to navigate through each situation, whether simple or complex. We strive to provide our clients with useful, relevant education, coupled with concise explanations, that help build an understanding of their financial picture.