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Investment Management

 We base our investment management decisions on our clients unique situation and personal investment objectives. The discovery process happens during the financial planning phase. It is imperative that the investment plan work in unison with your overall financial situation. We take the time to explore your priorities, comprehend your requirements, and work with you to develop a tailored strategy.

A sound financial plan can enhance your ability to realize your goals and objectives. Our process entails developing an investment policy, monitoring your investments, and timely rebalancing. We acknowledge that life is constantly evolving. The future can take some unexpected turns. We monitor and provide extensive reporting on a periodic basis. If your financial condition changes, we tailor your investments to address your changing needs.



 We evaluate your current investment allocation to determine your existing investment policy.  Our goal is to develop an appropriate Investment Policy Statement to match present objectives, potential future needs, and curent risk tolerance. 


The result of creating a customized Investment Policy Statement is the development of an appropriate target asset allocation model.  Insights gained from the financial planning process allow us to create a customized investment portfolio. 


 We develop your portfolio asset allocation model to execute your customized Investment Policy Statement. We utilize appropriate security selection to coincide with capital market returns. We then benchmark those security selections to measure risk and return against a appropriate global market indices. 


 Quarterly performance reporting is utilized to keep the policies and the investments on track. Periodic evaluation allows for timely adjustments to portfolio model positions. That dictates buy and sell decisions prior to strategic rebalancing.



  Market changes can alter your portfolio's structure. We monitor portfolio allocations  closely.  Our goal is to match your current portfolio allocation to the chosen portfolio model.