Wealth Management Fees


Our Fee Structures

 Depending on the services that we are providing to you, we have a fee-only structure that encompasses the charges that you will incur. Our initial financial planning fees and ongoing assets under management (AUM) fees are a function of the amount of investment assets we are managing for you. We believe that it is important that we are transparent in our charges and that our clients are aware of the amount and the timing of these charges. 



Tax  preparation fees are independent of AUM fees. We rely on the most  recent publication of the National Society of Accountants (NSA) Report  on Average Tax Return Preparation Fees to arrive at the charges that our  clients will incur for tax return preparation. This gives us a baseline  to arrive at the cost based on the filings and schedules that are  included in the returns we are filing. We will work with our clients throughout the year to ensure that data is disseminated to us in a  fashion that will allow us to keep the costs low. If data is received in  a fashion that causes extra complexity to the preparation and filing, we reserve the  right to add additional cost to the baseline. We will make every effort  to communicate this accordingly through the process.


Business  accounting services and consulting fees are independent of AUM fees. We  will work with you to arrive at an all-inclusive monthly fee for  services that we are providing to your business. We look to provide  these services in a fashion that we are with you every step of the way,  from assisting in bookkeeping matters, to analyzing financials, to the  ultimate preparation of the entity’s tax filings.