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Financial Planning Services

There is no price tag that can be attached to peace of mind. Our goal at PFS360 is to help our clients build a financial framework that will result in a bright future and bring about peace of mind. We make every effort to take into account all aspects of your financial picture from a very detailed, analytical perspective. Our 360° viewpoint allows for this analysis to include, not only your current financial state, but also risks that may present themselves in the future.

At PFS360, we are truly committed to delivering the service, guidance, and strategy that aligns with our client’s financial goals. We believe it is necessary to develop relationships with our clients at a deeply personal level, allowing us to craft a plan that is in symmetry with their goals. The insights we obtain with this approach institutes a comprehensive financial plan for our clients, at a detail-oriented level. We will then be with you every step of the way as this carefully crafted plan is implemented into your lives. Our ultimate goal is to build a strong relationship of trust with our clients through the wealth management process.



  It is no secret that taxes are a major component of financial planning. At PFS360, we work with our clients to plan for tax efficiencies in your investment portfolios as well as estate plan. 


  A thorough analysis of your cash flows allows for identification of planning opportunities. This will also allow for us to pin-point issues that can be corrected or improved upon. Comprehensively analyzing and monitoring your cash flows will allow us to develop an accurate picture of your net worth, by capturing the state of your assets and liabilities and how changes can impact your net worth.


  We work in collaboration with your insurance adviser to assure that your life, property and casualty, disability, and umbrella coverage are appropriate for your situation. We will review what you currently have and work with your adviser to make sure any new coverage you may need are at optimum levels and structured in a fashion that makes sense for you. 


  Whether you are years away from retirement, nearing retirement, or are newly retired, we can help design a plan for you. With longer time horizons until retirement, we assist in determining your financial needs in the retirement years. We guide you by constructing a plan to get you there. For clients who are close to or newly retired, we work with you to plan for income needs, asset preservation, and spending strategies to align with your lifestyle.


 We work closely with clients to incorporate a plan to meet future eduction goals. Our analysis  will include the evaluation of suitable education savings vehicles. We can then implement an investment strategy to meet the specific time frame, whether it be for elementary, secondary or college savings plans. 


 We will work in collaboration with you and your attorneys to revise or implement estate planning documents such as wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. A focal point of a good estate planning strategy is to minimize taxes and ensure wealth transfer by creating a living legacy . Considering our deep relationship with our clients, we are typically in a great position to provide recommendations that will maximize overall family wealth.